zaterdag 5 oktober 2013


100,00 Stars is an interactive visualization of the stellar neighborhood created for the Google Chrome web browser. It includes real location data of over 100,000 nearby stars, including 87 major named stars and our solar system.


New Google Mars Has More Coverage, More Detail and More Awesome

Need a Zen break from obsessively checking the polls every 20 minutes? Maybe you should fly over an updated and ultra-detailed view of the Martian landscape in Google Mars looking for incredible formations.

The greatest unsolved mysteries of the universe': Dr Paul Francis at ANU, March 2010 

Pulsar with a Diamond Planet

The Biggest stars in the universe

Cosmic Journeys : The Largest Black Holes in the Universe

The definitive guide to the milky way galaxy 

 spinning mercury map

The Most Astounding Fact. EVER.

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