zaterdag 5 oktober 2013

Hydrogen - Water - H2O

Hydrogen is the keeper of the memories from the beginning of time and to the end of time (past and future). Time and space are the province of hydrogen and the understanding of these can only be reached by the knowledge of how to access and understand this substance.

Hydrogen knowledge is easy to access once you know the formula through which it operates on this plane of existence - our planet earth. The password to the substance with which GOD creates all things.

Once you understand hydrogen, you understand how nature works, you know how your body, as a sacred temple, operates both physically and spiritually, and you know how the cosmos and creation are directed.

The only way we get hydrogen on this planet is through water. Therefore, you will find that water has been a major theme in all religions and mystical orders. Water is the substance of our new birth on this planet should we take the time to understand what is there for us to know?

Through testing, we have proven massive energy in 9 tbsp of water, but there is more here than just a new energy source. There is a new spiritual birth which is reachable once this understanding is anchored on the planet.

The intelligent beings from other planets are awaiting this anchoring of information on our planet. Sharing can only begin once the masses have had their consciousness raised to a point that communication can begin in earnest. Hydrogen, through the formula, can heal our minds, bodies, and spirits for a new day of celebration.

Time and space are reachable in our lifetimes, with travel to far off galaxies a real possibility and eventuality. You see, once hydrogen is fully understood,

we will have a NEW AGE of the SPEED OF HYDROGEN which will allow this kind of travel, and bring GOD and MAN together in mutual understanding and for scientific proof at long last.

Hydrogen is the glue in our DNA strands. We are a "well of water" for a reason - we need the hydrogen for our spiritual well being.

Without hydrogen we are not fed our most earnest need and that is the spiritual knowledge of our mission here at this time.

Our health is determined by the acid or alkaline nature of our physical bodies. This is called the pH balance - pH stands for parts of hydrogen.

How could we not have seen this before? How could science have missed this?

I believe it is because science and GOD have never gotten together before. Neither can exist without the other, but they have not been communicating.

Water is our stargate into other dimensions, parallel universes, exploration of the furthest reaches of space and time.

There are inner worlds to be explored

access to all that we have wanted to know and beyond into realms never before even considered or dreamed about before this time.

Unbeleiveable... Water remembers.. water has memory... I love nature..

water has memory

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