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Ganesha, the Elephant-Headed avatar, is the remover of all obstacles. He is to be remembered
before starting any work or commencing spiritual rites. Many different Mantras are
used to evoke Ganesha. Most of them begin with the letter G. 

"Ganesha is the gatekeeper and Lord of the Sex Chakra. His four arms tell of the fourpetaled
sexual center and the earth element, symbolized by a square. Ganesha is the remover
of physical, emotional, and psychic obstacles; his immense body and graceful movements
symbolize the blend of inner strength and sensitivity necessary for advancement along the
spiritual path of Tantra.

"Elephants are the symbol of kingship, and in ancient times they could only be owned by
powerful rulers.  Devotees who wish to know our special secrets should first honor Ganesha, without whose help no magical act bears fruit.

"Ganesha's long trunk reminds one of the Lingam and his sensuous mouth is like a Yoni,
delicate yet all-consuming. Ganesha's consort is called Siddhi because magical powers (Siddhi)
can only be controlled once sexuality has been understood and used as an aid to individual
evolution. Ganesha rules the spirits presiding over the five elements and his large stomach
allows him to digest the experiences of his followers. Ganesha brings good fortune and
success. He is the symbol of discrimination and entry into the realm of occult power."

Lord of Obstacles and ruler over the sex center.

"Ganesha still guards the doorway to the inner sanctum. This is a sexual secret that all
women share. The Yoni is Ganesha's mouth; the clitoris, his trunk, is a secret
Lingam. Truly, Ganesha guards the portal to occult power! For the benefit of those who
wish to advance along the path of ecstasy,

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Organic eco-friendly sex toys

What I wanted to put out there is some awareness-raising regarding dildos. When we make love to ourselves, we want to treat our vaginas the best way we can, right? There are so many benefits of female pleasuring but have you ever thought about the toxins which might be inside your pink Chinese-made dildo?

Which Toxins Am I Talking About?

The most common is Phthalates (pronounced THAL-ates). It makes plastic soft and bendy. It’s so bad that it might damage sperm in men and lead to reproductive issues, according to a study published by the journal Environmental Health Perspective. And who knows what other side effects it might have?!

No Regulations? What the F**k!

Unfortunately governments don’t regulate sex toys – they do when it comes to children’s toys, but seem to have forgotten about regulating adult toys. So it’s all up to us, the consumer, to be better informed about the materials used, which type to buy and which not.
So let’s see if your personal dildo is body safe or not. Firstly, let’s have a look at the Material.

Examine Your Most Beloved Dildo
  • When you opened your brand new dildo, you got totally turned off by the plastic smell? Yes? That’s a sign you’ve got some polyvinyl chlorides (PVC) in your toy which often contains the goddamn petroleum-derived chemical Phthalates.
  • Is your dildo highly “bendy” or “squishy” like? Yep? Sorry, might be another sign for a dildo containing Phthalates, because it helps to make the material soft.
  • Do you find any oily or sweat-like discharge on the surface of your dildo? Sorry, that’s a sign for chemical degradation, meaning you’ve got some real toxic and old dong lying around.
If you found any of the above-mentioned signs then, sorry, love, you need to throw it out the window (not into your neighbor’s garden but straight into the garbage).

Let’s Make it Green and Healthy

There are some really good brands out there – trusted manufacturers who actually care about their customers.
Most of the body safe dildos are made out of
  • 100% medical grade silicon
  •  Borosilicate (or “Pyrex”) glass
  •  Stainless Steel
  •  Wood (ideally sustainably harvested)
  •  Stone or Crystal
  •  I haven’t found an organic store, which specializes in organic vegetable dildos :-)

    One Minus
You’ve got to be prepared to spend some more money on your toys. If you don’t think your vagina is worth it, you can still cheat and simply put a condom on top of your old dildo. That will do. But I rather suggest treating your vagina with healthy and organic dildos. Maybe we head for less of a collection but instead a few really good ones!

Here Are Healthy and Organic Dildos I Recommend:

#1 Ella (Silicone)

Safety features:
food-grade material / hypo-allergenic / latex free / non-porous / Phthalates free
I have one myself and I can highly recommend it. It helps me to reach G-spot orgasms easily, nice for massaging tensions around the vagina walls, and it has a soft and silky erotic feeling to it. When you purchase a silicon dildo make sure that it’s a 100% food or medical grade silicone.
If you use lube use only water based lubrication otherwise you might destroy your toy.
I use a special adult toy cleaner for cleaning but soap and hot water will do the same job.

#2 Curved Glass Dildo (Pyrex Glass)

Safety features:
food-grade material /hypoallergenic/ heat- and chemical-resistant/ latex free / non-porous / Phthalates free/strong
This kinky one is a real pleasure giver. And it’s Glass! Designed for a lifetime and even pretty to look at. The nice thing here: it works with any lubrication, cannot break down or smell. Pyrex Glass is especially hard to break and responds perfectly to temperature change. Simply warm or cool in a bowl of water before self-love.
Some cheaper versions might have spray paint on the surface. This could be very toxic and not safe to use. Better buy one from trustworthy manufacturers like Hamsa or Icicles.
Simply with a toy cleaner or soap and water. If the water is too hot on rare occasions it might crack.

#3 Outlaw VixSkin Caramel (Silicone)

Safety features:
Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
Vixen Creations
This hot-blooded Outlaw has a very real organic feeling thanks to the VixSkin invention. It’s for those of you who like it a bit more realistic and softer than the Lelo Silicone or Glass Dildo I recommended. It’s a nice medium size with a strap-on compatibility.
If you use lube use only water based lubrication otherwise you might destroy your toy.
You can just use a soap, adult toy cleaner, or you can boil it to sterilize.

#4 Njoy Pure Wand (Stainless Steel)

Safety features:
Food-grade material / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
The perfect G-spotter. It’s easy to reach and handy when lying on your back. This chic piece can be used with any lubrication, it’s steel! Either hot or cold in warm water or the fridge for extra sensations (but don’t put it in the freezer!).
As you would clean your cooking pot but avoid abrasives or you’ll lose that seductive shine ;-).

#5 Wooden Dildo 4 (Wood)

Safety features:
Food-grade material / Latex free / Phthalates free/ Non-porous/ hypoallergenic acrylic
Back to the woods. I love this fantasy of doing it to myself in nature. This down-to-earth dildo makes this fantasy even more real ;-). It’s natural high quality wood which comes in all sorts of shapes, forms and wooden shades.
The Dildo can be cleaned with nothing more than soap and hot water. Let it air dry before putting it away since any moisture remaining on the surface can attract mold and mildew.

#6 D1 Stone Dildo (Stone)

Safety features:
Food-grade material / Latex free / Phthalates free/ Non-porous/ hypoallergenic
Wow, this dildo is approximately 300 Million years old, that’s historical masturbation, baby. The shape is perfect for G-spot stimulation. The sexy heaviness feels like you’ve got something in your hands. The weight is ideal for penetration. Every stone has healing energies and I am pretty sure this Black Norwegian Moonstone will make our vaginas super happy. It doesn’t only look mystical and beautiful, its hand-sculpted too and freshly shipped from Norway in classy eco packaging. It’s so smooth you don’t even really need lube to get started.
Super easy to clean with soap and hot water.

#7 Chakrubs The Heart (Stone)

Safety feature:
Food-grade material / Latex free / Phthalates free/ Non-porous/ hypoallergenic
Let’s bring some sacredness into your playtime! Rose Quartz is a stone of the heart, a Crystal of Unconditional Love. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, which lets you connect to yourself and your partner on a whole new level. Usually, stones are pretty cold to the touch. By putting it close to your body before using it, it can adapt to your body’s temperature and give you an even better connection to its healing purposes.
Super easy to clean with soap and hot water. You could also clean it energetically with the full moon. Simply put it out on a windowsill that faces the full moon and let it have a charging moon bath.

#8 Organic Veggie Dildo 2000

Safety feature:
100% Natural
Mother Nature
Yes, finally you got me. Of course the best organic dildos are local organic carrots, zucchinis, cucumbers, pumpkins, you name it… Comes in all colors, shapes, tastes and sizes. For real veggie pleasure.
Veggies are natural, but can harm the pH-levels inside a vagina, don’t risk an infection. Simply roll a condom on.

And for those who need it extra nerdy they can get one of those dildo makers. DIY organic dildos!


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The Dancer

The dancer is a figure closely associated with
sexual energy and the female power of initiation.
A mystic song of the Tantric tradition
declares that "The dancing-girl has the
power to initiate the process of sexual rejuvenation."
Many temples of the ancient
world housed dancers, whose dancing conveyed
the very essence of eroticism. Their
presence in the temples of India shocked and
offended the puritanical morality of the British,
who passed laws forbidding such activities.
It is unfortunate that the sexual prowess
of the temple dancers caused the British to
mistake them for prostitutes.

The temple dancers or "Devadasis" (literally
"servants of God") of India were divided
into various categories. The highest
were experts at the different kinds of Yoga
and through years of training developed control
over their body functions. As initiatresses
of Tantric Yoga, they served an important
role. They were considered to be the mistresses
of the temple gods, the embodiments
of the Gopis, and emanations of Lakshmi.
The prosperity of the country was believed
to be related to the rites and activities of the temple dancers.
The courts of Kings and Emperors were
filled with dancing-girls, whose function was
to evoke the erotic sentiment and to engender
a mood of spirituality and love. In ancient
Egypt, the dancing-girls of the court
or temple were believed to have power over
life and death; many became influential as
priestesses, for dance lends itself to expressing
esoteric concepts that cannot be described
by words or static pictures. Dance embodies
the full range of emotions; thus it can reveal
the Subtle Body of Tantra in all its glory.
The following contemporary account by
Allen V. Ross stunningly illustrates the sexual
role of the Indian temple dancer:

The girl entered softly on bare feet. She
knelt before me and kissed my feet. She
was good-looking, about thirty, with a face
that was at once worldly and childlike. Her
body was completely sheathed in a transparent
gold silk sari. Her hands, feet and
head were bare, except for some gold jewelry
that jangled as she moved. She began
to dance without any accompaniment at
all. This Devadasi conveyed sexuality with
every little twitch of her rouged lips, the
gestures of her hands, the movements of
her head, the stamping of her feet, the roll
of her eyes. The opening and shutting of
her nostrils, the sinuous twisting of her firm
but pliable body, was an amazing performance.
I could feel the electrical charges
of the girl's erotic magic and it seemed to
me that she was using only a fraction of
her skills. Her dance, slow and ecstatic,
was highly symbolic, displaying various
sexual moods, from enticement and arousal
to seduction and final rapture. It must have
lasted hours and I was completely taken
with her. Then she possessed me. There
was no vulgar striptease. She daintily
slipped out of her clothes, displaying a
supple body the color of wild cinnamon.
She told me to lie on the mat. After that it
was just my Lingam and her Yoni in cosmic
union. Her intimacies possessed me.
I was devoured. She was what the Hindus
call the "saraotastryan" or "nutcracker"
woman," because of the amazing power
of her sphincter muscles. I was almost out
of my mind. All the while she made murmuring,
humming, drone sounds that put
me into a trance. Suddenly there was an
explosion in my brain and I felt myself in
another dimension. There were amazing
lights and fantastic colors. The walls
seemed to be melting and I felt ecstasy in every cell.

This description is an accurate account of
the potency inherent in the dancer archetype.
A dancer needs to gain considerable
control over normally automatic responses
such as breathing, balance, and emotion. This
control is similar to the control needed to
master the teachings of Tantra. Emotion is
the ultimate key; by consciously evoking and
channeling the emotions, transcendence can
both be achieved personally and transmitted
to another person. The emotion of sex is
easily evoked through dance. When the body
is in a healthy condition and finely tuned,
then dance really can become initiation.
The multifarious forms of dance can explicitly
or unconsciously convey meaning.
All dance forms involving couples present a
ritualized, social reflection of the sexual act.
The art of spiritual dance has almost become
a thing of the past.
A display of dancing brings out the spectator
in everyone. Public dancing and private
dancing have distinctly different
potentialities. This art form can be performed
in solo, for your partner, or improvised together.
Let your inhibitions go and indulge
your creativity and spontaneity to the limit.
Dance can be many things: an individualistic
search for ecstasy, a means of communication,
a social activity, a healthful exercise,
or a courtship ritual. Of the Sixty-four Arts,
dance is one of the most closely related to
the Art of Love. The dance of a woman has
a unique potential for firing the vitality of
man and reviving depleted energies. The
tones and rhythms of music incorporated into
the erotic dance can enhance and sustain the
consummation of love.

An Indian temple dancer. This dance form
makes use of erotic body movements and
tells a story through gesture and mime.
Whole epics were expressed in dance,
serving to initiate people into a non-verbal
level of understanding. The dance form
known as Orissi or "Odissi" is currently
closest to the ancient style of Tantric
mystic dance.

If in joy, songs are sung, let them be the most excellent Eternal songs. If one
dances when joy has arisen, let it be done with release as its object.

There are many delights of
visiting dancing-girls. When the
dancing is finished he retires to a
spacious tower, cooled by the
breeze, and there practices the
important methods of the Yellow
Emperor. He takes the tender
hand of a girl as beautiful as Hsishih,
and the white arm of
another one like Mao-shih. Their
bodies are beautiful, supple like
grass moving in the wind; they
put forth all their charms so that
one forgets about life and death.

The dancer: a Yoga posture derived from
dance. It is particularly suitable for toning
up vitality and circulating energy.

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Reality is made of language, words create matter


Everything in existence is composed of sound and language, vibrating at specific resonant frequencies, that can be scientifically measured, and even altered. 

Vibration Creates Matter.


Dr. Pillai talks about how and why the yogis attained Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence. Once you master these sounds, YOU CAN CREATE MATTER.

The word is very powerful. Your words are magical, and carry a vibration and energetic charge. Words are like your own incantation or magic spell (spelling). Choose them wisely this week.

Words Create Reality [Terence McKenna]

John verse 1: The WORD MADE Flesh:

In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God (YOU) and the WORD was God (YOU). Through him (YOU) all things were made; without him (YOU) nothing was made, that has been made.

"The world is MADE up of LANGUAGE. We can SAY that the world is composed of little demons doing calisthenics, each one the size of a pissant's eyebrow.... Or we can SAY the world is made of tiny wave mechanical packets of matter hurling through space at near the speed of light.... But notice that what we get each time are WORDS...." - TERENCE MCKENNA

The Language of Reality (Terence McKenna )

In the 1960’s, Dr. Hans Jenny investigated sound vibration further by inventing a cymatic 

instrument called a “tonoscope.” This allowed him to view the 3-dimensional physical image of various sounds, including human vowels and tones. He observed that the moving 3-dimensional shapes and formations composed on the tonoscope created precise geometric signatures. Dr. Jenny also noticed that when vowels of ancient sacred languages such as Sanskrit, Egyptian, and Tibetan were pronounced, the vibration took the shape of the written symbols for these vowels, while our modern languages failed to generate the same result. This suggests that by sounding sacred texts and singing sacred vowels in these ancient languages, it is possible to transform physical reality by influencing our cellular structure to resonate into a more coherent shape.

In essence, Jenny was saying that the key to understanding how we can heal the body with the help of tones, lies in our understanding of how different frequencies influence genes, cells, and various structures of the body, and how exposure to specific sound vibrations and frequency signatures allows a person who is “out of tune” to heal.

Language connects to sacred geometry, and with it, to the universe! Vibration/frequency has a power all its own. This is why music has such a power to draw us in and change our state of mind and emotions, because vibration and emotions are language . Watch this amazing documentary which delves into the hidden meanings behind Sonic Geometry:

440Hz? are we being detuned from natural frequencies?

Similar to the fingerprints of humans, every sound in the natural universe has a unique, vibrational 'signature'. The CymaScope is a device that detects these vibrations and embodies them in a digital representation, allowing us to actually see these audio fingerprints, and they are truly amazing. The CymaScope produces its visualizations by directing the vibrations of different sound frequencies toward a surface of liquid- water, alcohol, et cetera. It then digitally captures the geometric vibrations in the water, producing these beautiful images and making sound visibly interpretable.

"Vibration underpins all matter in the universe. 
No matter can exist without sound and vibration." - CymaScope Team

Make sure to check out Pink Floyd: welcome to the machine: sound made visible:


Through the 1990′s, Dr. Masaru Emoto performed a series of experiments observing the physical effect of words, prayers, music and environment on the crystalline structure of water. Emoto hired photographers to take pictures of water after being exposed to the different variables and subsequently frozen so that they would form crystalline structures. The results were nothing short of remarkable..

After observing these miraculous results, Dr. Emoto went on to type out different words, both positive and negative in nature, and taped them to containers full of water. 


As you can tell, the water stamped with positive words is far more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing than that stamped with dark, negative phrases. So what about products labeled such as "Monster" energy drink etc? If you are reading this article on this particular website, you probably already knew that positive and negative thinking have a major impact on the surrounding environment. That concept is relatively easy to grasp, but this extremely tangible evidence of it is astounding. If the words and thoughts that come out of us have this effect on water crystals, it’s amazing to think of what kind of effect they have on the people and events that come into our lives.

Oh and by the way, the average human body is about 75% water. Ponder that one a while

Some may say that this could be the work of biased photographers or biased photo selection by Emoto himself. However, Emoto dispelled this accusation in an interview during which he stated:


Once a certain vibration is introduced to the water, how long does the water “remember” that crystalline structure?


What kind of words would create smaller clusters and what kind of words would create larger clusters?


For more information on Emoto’s experiments with water, please visit his website



Your body responds to your thoughts and hears everything you say. It's time you start paying attention to your habitual patterns of speech and the words you use. Each time that you speak, take a moment to hear yourself in a detached way. Is the tone of the words you are using negative? If so, is there another way that you can say what you want from a more positive position?

Reframing our declarations to reflect a positive perspective will not only alter the way that others perceive and receive (and therefore respond to) you. It affects your own chemistry:

The body is affected energetically by the vibration, tone and charge of your words.

Dr Bruce Lipton - Thoughts and words Can Change Our DNA

An example: I may say something like, "I used to be able to run, but my knees are bad." But what I mean is, "I started listening to what my body wanted, and I decided to slow down and move in ways that felt better to me."

Many times, I catch myself speaking to myself in a way that is unkind. If I really listen, I can hear the sound of my voice, and remember being spoken to that way when I was little. It hurt me then, and when I repeat that as an adult, I am reminded on a cellular level and brought back to that time.

 Your Emotion Matters (gregg braden)

With awareness, all of that changes. It is now a proven scientific fact that the OBSERVER of an experiment alters the outcome of the experiment. 

May you now begin your own experiment. Begin to hear yourself, and notice when the tone is negative. Simply noticing will already shift things. Soon, you will become adept at rewording and reframing your declarations. 

Dr Bruce Lipton - Biology of Transformation - "The Field"

Dr Rupert Sheldrake and Dr Bruce Lipton - A Quest Beyond the Limits of the Ordinary

The word is very powerful. Your words are magical, and carry a vibration and energetic charge. Words are like your own incantation or magic spell. Choose them wisely this week.

The Truth About English: Phonics, Phonetics, Etymology-

word spells. How post-#Mesopotamianlanguage has had us under the Ol’ Abra-Cadaver trick…. the oldest control trick.. “Thou hast fallen for the eldest trick in the scroll! xD

how do i even begin? is it by telling you about how we’ve unwittingly been CAST into the MOLD of ancient SPELLS of our modern SPELLING? CAST just like a MOLD, or perhaps like a NET? while caught, like fish, in the net of spells and spelling that have been cast, thus SENTENCING us to LIFE SENTENCES and the CURSES of CURSIVE which are just TERMS, just like serving a PRISON TERM. 

So we’ve been SENTENCED to the WARDS of these WORDS which can be deadly as SWORDS if misunderstood or perhaps you missed the understanding of my TERMS or the SYBILS of my SYLLABLES, or even the ancient RITES of writing?? 

We Languish in our languid #Language, in anguish ever since the ancient times of the #Anglish angus and the PhonY Phonetic Phonics of the ancient Phoenician Pheonix. You think #English is easy?

Sometimes I think English should be committed to an asylum for the verbally insane. In what language do people recite at a play and play at a recital? Ship by truck and send cargo by ship? Have noses that run and feet that smell?

How can a slim chance and a fat chance be the same, while a wise man and a wise guy are opposites? You have to marvel at the unique lunacy of a language in which your house can burn up as it burns down, in which you fill in a form by filling it out and in which, an alarm goes off by going on.

English was created from the ancient Phonic Phonetics of the Phony Phoenician Phoenixes, and it reflects the creativity and cunning genius of the human race, which, of course, is not a race at all, unless youre just another rat, caught in the daily maze of the rat race of this human race against one another. 

We draw money from our banks which are the edges of a river, which FLOWS in CURRENTS to the SEA, which is why its called CURRENCY, because our CASH FLOWS like pyroclastic ASH FLOWS toward the SEA, which is why we can trace back the ROOTS of all modern TRADE to the ancient Phoenician TRADE ROUTES,

and why our mundane weekdays seem to keep us in a perpetually WEAK DAZE, until we are so WEAKENED, that we barely make it to the WEEKEND. so each day, we routinely AWAKE in the MORNING, or is the Monday morning ritual conversely conversing a MOURNING at A WAKE for the dead? 

And thus, the Bible speaks that the dead shall walk the earth, so it appears that they already are, without even knowing it, just by the strange language of which they know not the TRUE origins and what their words mean in etymology. 

And the SIGNIFICANCE of the SIGNS and sins in SIGNIFICATION of their SIGNATURES on dead legal fictions like IDs and bills. 

because our #citizenship begins when we board the citizen SHIP, which sails the high seas carrying SEAMEN and it all begins when the male SHIP docks in its female SLOT or SLIP, also known as its BERTH, and unloads its CARGO or SEMEN, which sail up the WATERS of the CANAL. 

So she gets pregnant and now carries the precious CARGO and will now give BIRTH to the new citizen that must now register to board the citizen SHIP and repeat the cycle all over again, until the citizens catch on to the ancient spells of the PHONY PHONETIC #PHOENICIANS' tools of #commerce and #piracy of the high seas and the human #commodity through the use of their made up languid language, which gives us our modern english.

and we all KNOW that the sacred owl is also the symbol for #wisdom, because it sits on the wise old OAK TREE, or the TREE OF #KNOWLEDGE, where the LOG comes from, which of course, is the very #etymology of LOGic, and the LOGY suffix in our words, which means “the study of,” just like the very word etymoLOGY means the STUDY of ROOT (sacred TREE) meanings, which comes from greek #LOGOS, meaning “to reason. words, speech, discourse.” 

So we use our WOODEN pencil which comes from the LOG of LOGIC from the sacred TREE of KNOWLEDGE to LOG down our LOGIC on the paper, or the papyrus, which also comes from the sacred TREE of KNOWLEDGE.

So of course the fertility of nature and the SACRED PHALLIC TREE OF LIFE is where we get our meaning of "WOOD," or "my LOG" as our phallic fertility symbol which comes from nature, as in "ive got WOOD" or i'm "ROCK HARD," from the ancient ritual of anointing the PHALLIC #FERTILITY STONE, which is why we must GET DOWN ON OUR KNEES to be anointed with the sacred fluid for the consecration, the secretion, the chrism, oil, CREAM or milk!

And of course we all KNOW that in biblical context, to KNOW someone, means to be intimate with them, as in sex, which is why we say “I want to get to KNOW you, girl!” meaning to have SEX with you....


Etymolgogia Esoterica Grammatica

Truthiracy: House of Wisdom- by Christopher Lord


Study Shows how Words reveal Unseen Objects

"Why you should "watch" what you say:"

Magic, Spells, the State and YOU! Part1 

THE PERFECT SWINDLE: the greatest trick ever played on humanity

Law and Language: pt 1

^^ part 2, continued...

Secret Spells of The English Language


Occult Secrets of Grammar 

Esoteric Alphabet by Ellis Taylor 

Esoteric STructure of the Alphabet by Alvin Boyd Kuhn

ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE: part 6/3 Phoenicians, alphabet, symbology

The anatomy of slavespeak:

maandag 5 februari 2018

Sex, Drugs, and Broomsticks: The Origins of the Iconic Witch

Luis Ricardo Falero, “Witches Going to Their Sabbath (or The Departure of the Witches)” (1878), oil on canvas 

In rifleing the closet of the ladie, they found a pipe of oyntment, wherewith she greased a staffe, upon which she ambled and galloped through thick and thin. 
— 1324 investigation of suspected witch Lady Alice Kyteler.

SILHOUETTED AGAINST THE MOON, POINTY hat pushed back by the wind, the witch on her magic broomstick is an iconic image, ubiquitous during the Halloween season. While the image can be found pasted in elementary schools throughout America, the story of why witches look the way they do, and why they fly on broomsticks, is a racier, lesser-known tale. What follows is mildly NSFW. 

For a long time the common answer to the question of why witches flew on broomsticks was relatively straightforward if a bit broad. The broom was a symbol of female domesticity, yet the broom was also phallic, so riding on one was a symbol of female sexuality, thus femininity and domesticity gone wild. Scary for any patriarch! It wasn’t just women, however. The first known reference to witches flying on broomsticks was confessed by a suspected male witch, Guillaume Edelin of Saint-Germain-en-Laye near Paris, while he was being tortured in 1453. 

There was also once a common pagan fertility ritual where poles, pitchforks, and brooms (basically, phallic objects in general) were piloted through the fields with people jumping as high as they could to entice the crops to grow to that height. (A tradition related to the jumping of the broom wedding traditions.) Reginald Scot’s book, The Discoverie of Witchcraft, published in 1584, described these festivals as such:

At these magical assemblies, the witches never failed to dance; and in their dance they sing these words, ‘Har, har, divell divell, dance here dance here, plaie here plaie here, Sabbath, Sabbath.’ And whiles they sing and dance, ever one hath a broom in her hand, and holdeth it up aloft.

Combine pagans, brooms, phallic fertility symbols, and jumping into the air, and you have all the ingredients you need for the myth of the flying witch. But there is another possibility, a more literal and much saucier origin story of the witches riding their broomsticks. 

Besides riding on broomsticks, the second most iconic image of a witch is of old hags brewing up a witches brew, the old “double, double toil and trouble” of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, written in the early 1600s. But just what were these witches actually brewing up? Well, around the same time as the first reports of witches flying broomsticks is the mention of “flying ointments.” 

The use of hallucinogenic plants for shamanic purposes goes back to prehistory. In medieval Europe there were a number of hallucinogenic plants in fairly easy supply. First among these was the rye mold containing ergot fungi. With effects on humans similar to LSD, ergot was a powerful hallucinogen. Among other readily accessible hallucinogenic plants were henbane, deadly nightshade, mandrake, and, according to Johann Weyer in his 1563 Praestigiis Daemonum, these were all principal ingredients in any witch’s “flying ointment.”

However there is a problem with drinking such a potent witches brew, chief among them that it can make the drinker quite sick, and could even be deadly. But among the other ways to ingest a hallucinogenic drug besides swallowing it is through the mucous membranes, such as under the armpits, through the anus, or for women, through the mucous membranes of their vaginas. And how might such a ointment be best applied to those delicate mucous membranes? From the 15th century records of Jordanes de Bergamo: 

But the vulgar believe, and the witches confess, that on certain days or nights they anoint a staff and ride on it to the appointed place or anoint themselves under the arms and in other hairy places.

Even more telling is a quote from a 1324 investigation of suspected witch Alice Kyteler:

In rifleing the closet of the ladie, they found a pipe of oyntment, wherewith she greased a staffe, upon which she ambled and galloped through thick and thin.

In 1477, Antoine Rose, known as the Witch of Savoy, confessed, again under torture, that “the Devil, whose name was Robinet, was a dark man who spoke in a hoarse voice. Kissing Robinet’s foot in homage, she renounced God and the Christian faith. He put his mark on her, on the little finger of her left hand, and gave her a stick, 18 inches long, and a pot of ointment. She used to smear the ointment on the stick, put it between her legs and say ‘Go, in the name of the Devil, go!’”

Once this had been done, the effects of the “flying ointment” would begin to take effect. Brewed up from such things as deadly nightshade, wolfsbane, henbane, and hemlock, often in a base of animal fat, the ingredients would have been potent indeed. And the effect of this brew, this tropane alkaloid (due to the nightshade and henbane) hallucinogen? As relayed in a 1966 description by Gustav Schenk: 

Each part of my body seemed to be going off on its own, and I was seized with the fear that I was falling apart. At the same time I experienced an intoxicating sensation of flying. […] I soared where my hallucinations — the clouds, the lowering sky, herds of beasts, falling leaves […] billowing streamers of steam and rivers of molten metal — were swirling along.

And why the fixation on the broomstick and not another object? Wouldn’t a broomstick be a bit… unwieldy? One such explanation is that the herbs used in such a preparation would have been kept in small broom-like bundles know as whisks, which may have been boiled whole in oil, both releasing the active ingredients from the whisk and thus soaking the handle with the concoction. The use of this whisk, stick, or broom coated in the oil would have done the trick quite nicely, along with some added personal benefits.

Part of the connection may have to do with brooms' place in pagan rituals. As a tool, the broom is seen to balance both "masculine energies (the phallic handle) and female energies (the bristles)"—which explains why it was often used, symbolically, in marriage ceremonies. But the more likely connection has to do with the fact that users of "witch's brew" were, in a very practical sense, using their ointment-laden broomsticks to get high. They were using their brooms, basically, to "fly." 

My teeth were clenched, and a dizzied rage took possession of me … but I also know that I was permeated by a peculiar sense of well-being connected with the crazy sensation that my feet were growing lighter, expanding and breaking loose from my own body. Each part of my body seemed to be going off on its own, and I was seized with the fear that I was falling apart. At the same time I experienced an intoxicating sensation of flying …. I soared where my hallucinations—the clouds, the lowering sky, herds of beasts, falling leaves … billowing streamers of steam and rivers of molten metal—were swirling along.
From the viewpoint of our modern times, such drug use and self pleasure are not such shocking acts, but are in fact liberating, but at the time a woman choosing to do what she wished with her own body or mind was so unthinkable as to be synonymous with the devil himself. Many women were tortured and killed because they dared to explore such personal liberties.

Let us be glad those times are (mostly) past us. In the words of Scottish “witch” Antoine Rose’, who is believed to not have been killed but disappeared after her trial, jump on your broomstick and “Go, in the name of the Devil, go!”

Albert Joseph Pénot, “Départ pour le Sabbat” (1910)