zaterdag 5 oktober 2013


his is a subtitled version of the documentary "Wer hat Angst vor Wilhem Reich" by Antonin Svoboda in coproduction with Austrian TV.

The fame of Wilhelm Reich, whose ideas are nowadays anew experiencing a renaissance, especially in the USA, is based on two pillars: The concept of Sexual Revolution and the concept of Orgone Energy.

The film by Antonin Svoboda describes equally informative as well as concise the origin of both concepts as rooted in the life of Wilhelm Reich, embedded in 20th Century History.
It is very well suitable for an introduction to life and work of Reich, though not totally objective.

Often Reich is misunderstood as the prophet of our present, outwardly permissive society, who has become in the best case superflous now, but the finding of his diagnosis, that the mechanisms of Capitalism disturb or suppress a natural development of human sexuality, today has more actuality then ever. Who is familiar with the work of Wilhelm Reich, understands, that pornography as well as excessive promiscuity is not a sign of sexual freedom but actually of the contrary.

As a natural scientist Reich may has been a failure. But his idea of Orgone, as is my personal view, as a matrix of everything, imbuing the whole universe, should even to a scientifically highly educated person not sound that strange anymore, thinking of newly discovered Dark Energy, still unexplainable for modern cosmology. The film stresses his importance as a forerunner of modern holistic concepts in medicine and natural philosophy. 

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