zaterdag 5 oktober 2013


Chakrubs are sacred sex toys made from 100% pure crystal.  These beautiful, hand-crafted tools are created with the intention of opening oneself up to the healing properties crystals provide. Crystals have perfect molecular structures that have positive effects on our electro-magnetic fields. When our energectic bodies are at ease, we are at ease, we are open to healing, to peace, to love, to all of life's pleasures.
‘Chakrubs’ derives from Chakra, a Sanskrit word describing energy wheels. Chakrubs allow you to feel deeply, passionately, subtly.  Light up your chakras, and create an intentional practice that sets your soul on fire!
We believe that by purchasing your Chakrub, you tell the universe you are ready to explore what it means to be fully awakened to your absolutely beautiful sensual body. You are ready to delve into your humanness, your divinity, to heal wounds that may hold you back, to discover what is unique about you.
Creating an intentional practice with Chakrubs entails learning to quiet the mind in order to feel sublte energies, develop emotional intelligence, strengthen self-awreness, and accepting every aspect of who you are.
We at Chakrubs are commited to helping our customers express themselves in healthy and beautiful ways. We believe that our customers are pioneers, are gods and goddesses, and are helping to shape what this company is. We welcome all feedback, stories, and ideas. We love that you love yourself. Choosing Chakrubs tells us you love yourself because Chakrubs:
-Are body-safe, eco-friendly, and provided with love
-Sensitizes yourself so you may feel tingles from even the slightest, sensual touch
-Creates harmony in mind, body, spirit
-Reduces stress
-Extracts repressed emotions
-Removes blocks caused by sexual trauma
-Creates deeper intimacy with the self, with your partner
-Encourages self-awareness and mindfullness
-Sets the tone for you to create your own intentions of wellness

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