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number 3

The Meaning of Numbers: The Number 3

In this number we have quite a new set of phenomena. We come to the first geometrical figure. Two straight lines cannot possibly enclose any space, or form a plane figure; neither can two plan surfaces form a solid. Three lines are necessary to form a plan figure; and three dimensions of length, breadth, and height, are necessary to form a solid. Hence three is the symbol of the cube--the simplest form of solid figure. As two is the symbol of the square, or plane contents (x2), so three is the symbol of the cube, or solid contents (x3).
Three, therefore, stands for that which is solid, real, substantial, complete, and entire. All things that are specially complete are stamped with this number three:
" God's " attributes are three: omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence.
There are three great divisions completing time: past, present, and future.
Three persons, in grammar, express and include all the relationships of mankind.
Thought, word, and deed, complete the sum of human capability.
Three degrees of comparison complete our knowledge of qualities.
The simplest proposition requires three things to complete it; viz., the subject, the predicate, and the copula.
Three propositions are necessary to complete the simplest form of argument: the major premiss, the minor, and the conclusion.
Three kingdoms embrace our ideas of matter; mineral, vegetable, and animal.
When we turn to the Scriptures, this completion becomes Divine, and marks Divine completeness or perfection.
Three is the first of four perfect numbers.
Three denotes divine perfection;
Seven denotes spiritual perfection;
Ten denotes ordinal perfection; and
Twelve denotes governmental perfection.

The Borromeam Rings

The three Borromeam Rings are three rings that are interlocked. If any single ring is removed, the two remaining rings will fall apart. This has been used as a symbol of "strength in unity" for centuries in many parts of the world.
The symbol of the three rings that are interlocked is also known as "The Tripod of Life". Christians may use "The Tripod of Life" to symbolize the Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The valknut

The symbol of three interlocked triangles is called Valknut. It was used in Viking times as a symbol for the slain dead. Valknut is associated with the Norse god Odin. The Vikings believed Odin would protect the dead warriors who died in his name. They believed they would spend their afterlife in Valhalla belonging to Odin. The name means “Knot of the Slain”.

Only three primary colors are needed to mix most other colors; red, yellow and blue
The octopus has three hearts.
Cats have a third eyelid. It is called the haw.
The Triple Moon/The Triple Goddess. It shows her three aspects as maiden, mother and crone. Often used by Wicca.

The Shamrock - the three-leaf clover

the number three points us to what is real, essential, perfect, substantial, complete, and Divine.
The number three, therefore, must be taken as the number of Divine fulness. It signifies and represents the Holy Spirit as taking of the things of Christ and making them real and solid in our experience. It is only by the Spirit that we realise spiritual things.
the third dimention is what they call it ...

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