maandag 14 oktober 2013

on meat

at the quantum and sub--quantum levels allis light.  Einstein once said, "there is no such thing as matter"----all is energy."   Energy fields spin and enfold at different rates----different oscillations----frequencies----vibrations.
When we eat meat----what are we eating?   That depends upon our culture and our general state of consciousness.  In the present dysfunctional culture in America (and much of the world) eating meat means eating fear----cruelty----agony----stress hormones----chemical alterations----genetic alterations----poisons.  When they grind up cattle and feed them to other cattle----"mad cow disease" is produced.  Cannibalism is unnatural and very dangerous for any species.
As always its all about their Almighty God----$$$. 
This situation is due to total ignorance and mindlessness.
Now----consider the Native American's relationship with the Sacred Buffalo.   There was a consciousness----an awareness----of oneness, respect and appreciation.  They had a holy relationship with their daily food supply.  When they consumed that animal none of it went to waste and they had the sense of rendering it up into a higher service of the Creator.  It was their sacred promise to the animal given by the Great Spirit for them to thrive.
Our forefathers attempted genocide upon those people by wantonly slaughtering whole herds of buffalo and leaving them to rot in the sun----an unspeakable abomination.   The fact that their conscience allowed them to do such a thing speaks clearly about who they were----demons.  That is our depraved heritage of self--destruction.
Those demons are still in control at the top echelons of our society today.
Is it any wonder that everything in our society is meat meat meat robotically generated from a death factory?   That holds true with our food supply but also with everything from our educational system to our criminal financial system to our corrupt political system to our falsely so--called "justice" system.
Any truly mindful people take great care in 1) how they raise and feed their animals and 2) how they slaughter them. 
That's because we are what we eat.
Today----just take a tour through any factory slaughter house and you will see and hear the despair----terror----and horror that feeds the American people daily in those "delicious" neat little plastic packages.  Our land runs on cruelty to animals.  HORROR.  Is it any wonder that our nations favorite form of "entertainment" is virtual reality violence and cruelty?
The real Yeshua (not the Roman version) was a VEGAN.  Why?   Because the northern essenes with whom he was loosely associated were all ENERGETIC HEALERS.  He took great issue with the slaughter of the temple.

If you really want to know what health is----get a juicer and eat raw vegetables grown from an organic garden.  If you eat meat at least get the "free range" or barnyard version.

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