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Grinding Nemo

The tiger prawn industry in Thailand exploits people and the environment. Small fish and juvenile sharks, caught by Thai trawlers operating illegally in foreign waters from Indonesia to Bangladesh, are ground into fishmeal for prawn food. As fishing stocks are depleted, local fishermen are affected. Thai trawlers operators often hire Burmese workers who are exploited and abused. The Thai prawn industry is the largest of its kind in the world and markets prawns to European consumers. Watch this original investigative report by Swed Watch, a Swedish organization reporting on Swedish business relations in developing countries.

Earth Focus is an environmental news magazine that puts a human face on the environment by featuring under-publicized stories about how changes in our environment are affecting everyday people.


Enceclopedia Of Life
Magic Sound Fabric - We Are All Connected

grandma stone - samui thailand

Maximum distance from the sun: 94 million 537 thousand miles
Minimum distance from the sun: 91 million 377 thousand miles
Mean distance from the sun: 92 million 957 thousand and 200 miles
Mean Orbital velocity: 66000 miles per hour
0rbital eccentricity: 0.017
Obliquity of the ecliptic: 23 degrees 27 minutes 8.26 seconds
Length of the tropical year: equinox equinox 365.24 days
Lenght of the sidereal year: fixed star fixed star 365.26 days
Length of the mean solar day: 24 hours and 3 minutes and 56.5555 seconds at mean solar time
Length of the mean sidereal day: 23 hours and 56 minutes and 4.091 seconds at mean sederial time
Mass: 6600 milion milion milion tons
Equatorial diameter: 7927 miles
Polar diameter: 7900 miles
Oblateness: one 298th
Density: 5.41
Mean surface gravitational acceleration of the rotating earth: 32.174 feet per second per second
Escape velocity: 7 miles per second

Albedo: 0.39


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