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Four Ways to Fire our Earth Grid

Four ways to fire our earth grid

The first and second way to fire your own personal field and therefore fire your personal hexagon on the earth grid is to meditate or pray. These are traditional methods which have been used for eons to connect with source. The purpose of prayer and meditation is to quiet your busy mind so you may hear from the universe clearly. Ancient scholars have written about the power of prayer since Jesus’ time. Meditation is used by millions of people throughout the world to find the connection to source.

when we fire the grid we will elevate our truth and connection as if we had been meditating for ten years. It will lift our fields and maintain a high frequency permanently as we move forward toward the changes that are coming. I suggest you use the method that best brings you peace and joy. I also suggest that you incorporate music, as listening to music which holds the tones of love will immediately facilitate lifting your field. The music that holds the tones of love may be many types of music.
You will recognize the tones I speak of as the music will leave you vibrant, alive and full of potential. This type of music is everywhere however as with every piece of this project please use only that which resonates within your inner being. The music you seek will be the music that brings you a feeling of being alive and happy. Remember it is not necessarily the sounds that your ears hear but the feelings the music evokes, while you are listening to it and also they make you feel after listening to it. There are many wonderful types of music but I ask you to dig deeply when choosing your music to remember if the lyrics of the music you choose to listen to are full of hatred and anger then the likelihood of this type of music lifting your heart to a love state is rather doubtful. I know in my heart that we all love a variety of music but in this instance please choose the music that will open your heart to joy and leave you feeling wonderful. You can use this music to fire your own field on a daily basis therefore the opportunity to utilize music when we fire the grid will amplify and assist the effect of the earth energy on that day.

The third way to fire the grid is to find your joy and bliss. It may be any joy you can think of, the smile on your child’s face or licking an ice cream cone. Simply find a human experience that brings you joy then give thanks and gratitude for the experience. This process of keeping your heart light and filled with joy,

It is a powerful tool to overcome negative thoughts. In order to fire the earth grid you need to find that state within your own personal being which resonates that life is wonderful then give thanks for that wonder. Spend doing that which brings your great pleasure, whether that is listening to music or lounging in bed reading to your child. Do the thing that brings you your greatest joy
This will work to fire your own personal grid and in turn fire your piece of the earth grid. It is paramount to remember that acceptance of all other ways is key. We must learn to unite ourselves by our similarities and not divide by that which makes us different. A rose by any other name is just as sweet. So no matter where someone’s mindset or ritual lays we all desire the same outcome. To unite the world as one race and to bring peace, prosperity and abundance to all that share this earth with us.
understand there is an Energy Source from whence we all came. also understand that there are rituals and traditions we individually have that we use to connect to that Source. These similarities are what bind us in this process. We do not spend any of our valuable energy debating which energy name is correct or which tradition is better. We choose to acknowledge each individual ritual as important
we are all on the same page working toward the same goal
It is in the doing that we create the reality in which we live. If you do anything with the intention of making a difference then the activity you choose is not of such great importance. It is the fact that you are consciously choosing to do something that is the great sharing moment. The key event is that you choose to do something, anything wonderful, find the joy of potential and then have gratitude for the experience. It is the gratitude that will fire the grid and you will consciously place your vote among millions for the direction we wish our world to move towards.

The fourth way to fire your grid is not the best way but an option for those who must use it. Simply write a note to your inner being, no matter what name you give that inner being, it could be soul or God-force or merely my inner self.
write your inner being a letter giving that inner piece of yourself permission to connect with the grid on your behalf
On this earthly plane we continue to have free will and therefore we must give our inner being permission to connect on our behalf. State the things that bring you joy and bliss then give thanks for those moments. Clearly state your intention to manifest the world we desire then sign your note to leave your personal energy with your intention. Then go to bed or work or what ever task you must do and be assured that your soul will register your intent by firing your inner system and uniting it with the many

As we move into the new vibrational time we are defining what kind of world we desire to be our final outcome
The energy we are transmitting at the time of this great energy transition will define the new time to come. What kind of humanity and earth do we want to present to the universe. Who do we consciously intend to be for the new time? This will be the first time in our human evolution where we will consciously choose our path. So no matter what method you choose to use or who you choose to sit with; the ultimate defining moment for each of us during this process is, are we holding love and optimism in our hearts as this cosmic event facilitates our vibrational lift.
In order to manifest the world we so desire we must live within the energy field of joy and gratitude even when the human journey is difficult. Once we have enough humans in the frequency of love, joy and gratitude then we will begin the exciting journey of rebuilding our earth the way it was intended to be. I have been telling people if we each take care of the “I” then the “we” necessary for the earth changes will certainly follow

(taken from : shelley yates - fire the grid)

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