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The Key to Self-Liberation

Christiane Beerlandt

The Key toSelf-Liberation
A Book for Everyday Use,showing the Psychological Originsof 1000 Diseases

“Discover the Root of Illness
and find the Way to Fundamental Healing”
Christiane Beerlandt was born in 1955 and lives in Belgium. She is a strong, warm-hearted person of great wisdom who wants to offer liberating information to the world. Her extraordinary gifts and the way in which she wrote this book — using a remarkable ability to draw information from her inner source — make The Key to Self-Liberation absolutely unique and incomparable to any other work.
Fundamental Causes, Fundamental Healing
Why do you get headaches? What’s the origin of depression? Why are certain people susceptible to colds? How does cancer originate emotionally? Which psychological patterns cause the cholesterol level to rise? The Key to Self-Liberation is an invaluable tool for in-depth self-exploration.
This encyclopedic work shows the psychological-emotional origins and solutions of disease. It thoroughly treats an enormous variety of illnesses and symptoms, such as allergies, bedwetting, ADHD, burnout, eczema, rheumatism, stomach-ache, hyperventilation, asthma, hot flashes, all kinds of cancer, epilepsy, headaches, menstruation problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.
The Essential Health Reference Book
for the Entire Family
The first part of this book offers innovative philosophical viewpoints and practical guidelines to take your own life in hand. The second part contains entries about some 1000 diseases and has fascinating chapters about the symbolism of the organs (heart, stomach, brain, glands, etc.) and other parts of the body (vertebrae, fingers, chin, etc.).
The most authoritative work on
the relationship between body and mind
This book originated from inner knowing that comes straight from the heart. It is not based on any existing work. Many scientists and medical doctors have been surprised to find that The Key to Self-Liberation gets down to the very core of health problems, offering the key to fundamental healing of any illness. For every disease, this book shows the basic problem the patient has to resolve in order to recover decisively.

About “The Key to Self-Liberation”

The Key to Self-Liberation is the first work that I was allowed to write down (in
1992). The information was obtained by tuning myself to the frequency of truth
and listening deep inside me, via my heart and consciousness, to the deep language
of life itself. Observation and common sense are useful, but the Source of Life —
via “deeper knowing” — reveals so much more to us: the essence, the “why” of
things. No one can possess truth, not I, not you. But we can tune in to the frequency of truth, living and listening “according to truth”/in honesty. In this manner, the chapters of this book have been written. The content has nothing to do
with scientific observation, but neither with channeling or guides. Don’t try to pigeon-hole this book. You won’t succeed. Searching people, with a “heart” and an
“open mind,” whether they call themselves “conservative” or “alternative,” will
feel at home in these chapters, which are meant to be their friends.

Even if it’s not possible yet, I am convinced that “science” will come to the same
conclusions as the information in this book, be it via other routes. But the
“equipment” to measure psyche, emotions, and energetic happenings/evolution —
the relationship between the inner self and the physical body (illness-health) —
does not yet exist or is still inadequate.
For the countless “regular” and “alternative” doctors, care-givers, and laymen who already have worked with the information of this book for years and
made contact with me, there doesn’t need to be any further “proof.” . . . “It simply
works like that in daily life.” It makes me extremely happy: how the human being
can liberate and heal himself, as long as he gains “insight” and suits the action to
the word — with or without remedies from the outside. How the seeds of illness
are sown, and how we can bring about fundamental healing via Insight and Application.

Our “spiritual-energy” influences the body/“matter” and not the reverse.
Everything is being directed and driven from within. When we better understand
these processes, we can, as conscious people, bring about change in ourselves. I
have often seen how, in certain people, acquiring “insight,” or something being
“triggered off” in one’s mind regarding the true cause of one’s illness — was
enough to bring about sudden recovery. Mostly, however, we are involved with a
growth process whereby the (sick) body reacts in a growing way to the changes one
brings about in oneself: changes on the psychological and emotional levels,
changes in one’s convictions. The body reacts to those changes . . . and heals.

I am not at all against medicine or other remedies from the outside. On the
contrary, it can be good for many people to use them in a certain phase (even
though many heal themselves without them). Therefore, don’t worry about using
medicine or healing methods if you feel this is best for you. Here lies the free
choice of every human being. One must realize, however, that one has to work, inthe meantime, on the “true” healing of an ailment — that the FUNDAMENTAL
HEALING of an illness will only take place when one realizes and solves its
FUNDAMENTAL CAUSE: and that happens on a deeper level than the purely
physiological or chemical. That actually happens on the emotional and psychological levels, in the realm of emotions and convictions, of expectations, and of the
image one has of oneself.
I am not interested in “convincing” someone; I only offer deep, called-up Information, and everyone has a free choice either to use it or not. I consider it my task to
write down this received Information and place it at the disposal of all good people.
Finally, let this book function as a “Key,” but don’t cling to it. Go onward, live
yourself, and be your own master. Never cling to a signpost. You can only make
grateful use of it in order to more quickly get upon your track of life.
In the First Part of this book, I describe the liberating philosophy according
to which I experience life. From out of the depths of my heart, I wish you, too, a
wonderful, truthful existence filled with love!
Ostend, 6 June 2001
A Message to the Reader
When we feel our especially beautiful planet Earth groan under the suffering, the
violence of war, the pains, the power-game, then don’t we — don’t all human beings — need to take responsibility for ourselves? It is of no use to heal wounds or
donate food if the underlying causes of misery are not being resolved. The world
changes from within, from the inner consciousness of every human being. Illness,
as well as events, are only a consequence of what happens IN the human being. If
we can no longer “change” this world, then let us, each for himself, lay building
blocks for a new world, where Life in its value will be understood, in Joy. There’s
no use screaming against, fighting against, going into the streets against. . . . True
transformation begins by the human being cleansing himself of negative convictions regarding himself. Reality is only a reflection of, a result of, our unconscious
and conscious expectations in life. The future is not pre-determined, nor is life a
melancholy, accidental happening about which we don’t have any say. Individually and en masse, we constantly create our living world. We are in a dialogue
with our planet. We don’t have to wait for an Angel, a Deus ex machina, or a UFO
to come and “save” the world. With the power of our Living Self, we are able to
build a new house on an earth which will never be destroyed — because we wish
her to be Alive.
This is possible if each of us, convinced of our loving “I AM,” accepts our responsibility and no longer looks to others for the causes of illness and misery. When
every human being, by himself, creates harmony in his existence, then this positive
influence is a reality for all of humanity. After all, we are not separate from each
other. There is more than just matter alone; energies are working more and more
powerfully, including the energies which we call “emotions, awareness powers,
thoughts. . . .” Let’s use these energies in a Self-aware way, in growth toward
health, toward healing, but also in creating a new Earth, where finally there will no
longer be any suffering, pain, hunger, or death. With our feet on the ground, without floating with our heads in the clouds, let’s take the helm, and become aware of
the possibilities every Human Being carries inside — the possibilities of directing
his existence toward something beautiful, and in so doing help lay out a feast in the
nature of Mother Earth.
We need to end false determinations such as inflicting on ourselves the punishments of karma and original sin. Self-liberation leads to the liberation of Earth and
humanity. The Key that opens the gates to Joyfulness — that Key is to be found in
your Self. May this book, called up from the heart “according to truth,” declare its
servitude as an Information-source to all good people.
Ostend, 17 July 2003
The books by Christiane Beerlandt reveal the deepest origins of illnesses, happenings, phenomena, emotions (sadness, anxiety, etc.), food preferences, animal symbolism, etc.Illnesses, happenings in one’s life, etc., can be considered as “signals” called up by a person’s inner self. If we understand these signals and make the necessary changes in our lives, then we can constantly progress on the path of joy and health.
The Beerlandt texts are comprehensible to everyone. All over the world, the exceptional value of Christiane Beerlandt’s works is acknowledged by laypeople as well as by professional health workers.

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