maandag 14 oktober 2013

Spiritual Significance

The Burden of Spiritual Significance

The Burden of Spiritual Significance, like the Messiah Complex, is a trap we
advise you not to get caught in. The problem with Spiritual Significance is that
it is a by-product of spiritual ambition and, as such, it would best be your
spiritual ambition to avoid.
Acts of spiritual ambition are, by their nature, devoid of spirit. They will only
result in separating you from Spirit, and, therefore, the mission. This is not to
say that we don’t expect you to do anything of any spiritual consequence while
you are visiting this planet. We do expect you to have a spiritual impact here,
otherwise we would not have sent you in. However, becoming entangled in the
“importance” of your acts will lead you into an identity that is less than who
you are.
You are here with one primary directive: to embody the Spirit you serve. If you
allow yourself to become sidetracked by your “spiritual significance” and lose
yourself in the “grandeur” of who you are, you will simultaneously lose track
of your real significance and fall short of this mission’s goal. Remember that
you are here to become a living expression of Spirit. Nothing you do or say is
an acceptable substitute for becoming who you truly are.

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