maandag 14 oktober 2013

Integrity—It’s Care and Maintenance

As a “crawl-in” to this mission, you, by definition, have some pretty big
handicaps. As you are asked to stumble out of your wheelchair and into an
upright position, you may encounter some enticement to remain seated and
rest on your handicapped privileges. Mission Control would like to take this
moment to assist you to your feet.
The biggest handicap that you suffer stems from the fact that this mission
demands total integrity, while the cultures you represent demand little or
none. The reason for this is that Earth cultures have one basic thing in
common: They are all dysfunctional. Once a culture has decided which
dysfunctional aspects it wishes to represent, it raises a flag to declare its
position, packages its preferred brand of dysfunctionality for consumption at home and abroad, and passes it off as a national heritage to be proud of and
protected at all costs. Because you have to claim some nationality in order to
get in here, none of you has been spared an identity that is at least a million
light years and exactly 180 degrees off from the truth.
The temptation to remain dysfunctional arises from the fact that it has been
such a thorough and arduous journey getting there; somehow, it feels wasteful
to just chuck it. Because of this illusion of waste, you may find yourself
clinging to false identities or co-dependent relationships that prolong the
recovery act. These double-dealing relationships, whether with yourself or
others, are based on a dysfunctional complicity that thrives on an unstated
request. That request can best be expressed as, “Please don’t disturb my sense
of limitation. It may be Auschwitz, but it’s home.”
The problem with maintaining this “pact” is that you cannot pass through the
doors of the fifth dimension lugging dysfunctional baggage, and there is no
handicapped parking nor any wheelchair access. All false identity must be
relinquished at customs where your belongings will be rifled for contraband
states of consciousness. These contraband states include dishonesty,
manipulation, any and all feigned limping, refusing to relinquish your survival
identity, and every hidden, unholy agreement that was made out of fear and
Mission Control is aware of the courage that realignment with the truth
requires, but we are also aware that no one will be successful in any attempt to
smuggle a lack of integrity across the frontier of the new incoming civilization.
Be gentle with yourself and with others during the time of your rehabilitation,
but also be scrupulous in this matter because there is no room for deception.
And remember, giving up your crutches willingly now is far preferable to
being busted at the border.

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