dinsdag 8 oktober 2013

The Messiah Complex

As you are awakening, there are some pitfalls we would like you to avoid. The
most important one is the dreaded Messiah Complex. Before mission
members are completely on their multidimensional feet, this complex tends to
have some appeal. Mission Control would like to take a moment to make it a
little less appealing.
Being Christ and thinking you are Christ are two different matters. If you only
think you are Christ, you will then act like you think Christ would act, which
usually entails trying to save someone.
Let us make one think very clear: This mission is not about “saving” anyone.
All inhabitants of this planet are masters. Even the aliens are masters who are
here doing a brilliant job of mastering being aliens. Everyone on the planet knows the game, and everyone has made their decision. If a person has chosen
to continue as a master of limitation, that is his or her inalienable right. Saving
people from their rights is not the intention of this planetary mission. And
having our ground crew members running around with messianic fervor
trying to rescue people from their free will is not through any request of
Mission Control nor by any mandate of the Councils.
The Earth has elected to evolve beyond limitation; however, anyone who opts
to explore that process further is free to do so—just not on this planet. Such
people will be allowed to continue their experiments with limitation on some
other piece of planetary property that is at a less advanced stage in its
The members of this mission have chosen to master divine expression instead
of limitation, and are being asked to do so on this planet at this time. It is
critical that you remember that one choice is not better than the other. Do not,
in your half-awakened state and out of misdirected zeal, attempt to “convert”
anyone to the choice you have made. Instead, be the choice you have made.
Mission Control expects our members to respect everyone’s sovereignty and
decisions. We also expect you to stand in your full presence and emanate your
divine essence. In this manner and in no other, you will have the power to
effect another’s choice to do the same. Your embodiment of Spirit is the only
act that will assist the mission in unfolding smoothly and efficiently to its
destined conclusion.

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