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mind control - brainwash - indoctrination


In this series the author (YouTuber Evid3nc3) explains his life as a born-again Christian, his deconversion, and his life as an atheist.
In the deconversion section, he shows how evidence, reason, and experiences related to prayer, morality, deconverted Christians, the Bible, and his relationship with God Himself all lead to his eventual inability to believe anymore


Monumental Myths
 is a 47-minute documentary, which unveils the
perpetuated myths told at several American monuments and historic
Carved in rock or cast in bronze, America’s monuments are
intended—by those who commission them—to impart a sense of
authority and an unquestionable truth about the people and events they
commemorate. Director Tom Trinley traveled across the country in a
borrowed 1965 Airstream trailer and visited several sites to provide
the untold, alternative viewpoint of those whose experiences have been
left out of history and the landscape. Among others, he visited Fort
Pillow in Tennessee, The Purchase of Manhattan monument in New York
City, Lincoln’s Birthplace Log Cabin in Kentucky, the Christopher
Columbus statue on Chicago’s lakefront and Mt. Rushmore in South
Dakota. Along the way Tom interviewed local residents, tour guides,
park rangers and tourists to better understand their perspective of
American history and to find out who protects America’s myths and why.
The idea for the film was inspired by the book, Lies Across America,
written by best-selling author and sociologist Dr. James W. Loewen.
Dr. Loewen was the project’s content advisor and appears on-camera
to provide information relevant to each site. Other on-camera experts
include Howard Zinn, author of A People’s History of the United
States and Lonnie Bunch, President of the Smithsonian Institution’s
Museum of African American History.

mind control : america's secret weapon

WTF!? ... this supposed to been smuglled out of norht korea .. ! 
have a look ... 
Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism
The Billionaires' Tea Party

The Tea Party movement has taken American politics by storm. But is this truly a populist uprising or one of the greatest feats of propaganda ever seen?
Seeking to find out, Australian filmmaker Taki Oldham embeds himself in the Tea Party uprising. From men sporting tri-corner hats in Louisville Kentucky (the movement takes name from a key event in the American revolution) to 100,000 placard waving patriots in Washington D.C. ‘taking our country back’ from Obama’s ‘communist’ regime. But who are generals of this army?
Enter brothers Charles and David Koch. Oilmen, billionaires 20 times over and on a mission to create a privatized America. For three decades they’ve unwritten a propaganda war, funding fake grassroots groups (branded ‘astroturf’ by opponents) to dupe citizens into protesting on behalf of some of Americas most powerful people and corporations. As Taki infiltrates one such group, Americans For Prosperity, he captures David Koch beaming as operatives report running Tea Party events all over the country.
Weaving together commentary from propaganda experts and political insiders with unprecedented footage, The Billionaires’ Tea Party follows astroturf groups Americans For Prosperity and Freedomworks coopting the movement from day one. As the Koch’s extreme vision of free market capitalism is woven into that cherished American spirit of individual freedom, the patriotic Tea Partiers are guided to oppose key elements of the Obama agenda. Witness hysterical scenes as a proposed Health Care bill is reframed as Soviet style ‘socialised medicine’. Follow industry-funded spin doctors and scientists dismissing Obama’s climate bill a liberal conspiracy to control peoples lives and destroy the economy. See the cosy relationship between Koch operatives and Fox News. Come undercover as Tea Partiers are indoctrinated into equating their own interests with those of corporate America. Finally, see the stunning culmination at the 2010 elections as fully 1/3 of those elected are Tea Party endorsed candidates out to make Koch’s dream a reality.
With America now facing a new era of budget-slashing union-busting politics, The Billionaires’ Tea Party is both a journey through a unique moment in American history and chilling portent of the corporate takeover of democracy.
How The Government & Media Cheated Ron Paul
This video outlines how the media, government and the whole establishment, killed the Ron Paul revolution that should have continued into 2013. Thanks to the contributing users of this video, more info coming soon.

  Ron Paul's Farewell Speech to Congress


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