vrijdag 4 oktober 2013

The Workshop

A filmmaker joins a group of people seeing enlightenment in an unconventional manner in this documentary. Jamie Morgan is a director living in London who has decided he's unhappy with his life. Looking for new experiences and a fresh spiritual path, Morgan travels to California, where he attends a ten-day workshop being led by one Paul Lowe. Lowe's program focuses on the multiple layers of human personality, and his means of challenging one's assumptions about such things includes meditation, group sex, and possible contact with alien visitors. Morgan brought a digital video camera along to record his experiences with Lowe, and in The Workshop we follow Morgan and his fellow seekers as they physically, emotionally and spiritually upend themselves in search of a new life, even if they're sometimes wary of Lowe's notions and techniques. The film also includes a postscript in which Morgan explores the impact Lowe's program had on the lives of the participants.

viewers review :
"The Workshop is a glimpse into the nudity laden 10 day sex and zen workshop that will help you find your way in life. Well, that's the idea anyways.

The flick is a total mixed bag of thought. One second, I was digging what was going on, as I think the aspect of nudity can definitely work...but only for so long. Hell, I think I would enjoy going to this workshop, getting naked, sleeping in a tent, having sex and orgies, talking about aliens...but at the same time I've seen the people, and the characters, and I don't think I'd be able to deal with it.

At first I saw vulnerability, and an innocent openness....and then, I saw a facade. You're there for 10 days, and of course you're trying to be as positive and open as you can...but the way a lot of these people talk, and embrace this philosophy so whole-heartedly is beyond melodramatic and rather fake. One of the people there (who I identified with most) tried asking another member a question, if she had sex with so-and-so, but was met with something like this, 'I will answer your question when space allows it.' That is not the exact sentence, but it's very similar, and all I need to make my point.

The camp is without a doubt a hell of a unique experience. But it also appears to be hit or miss and untrustworthy with it's success rate. Out of half dozen or so main people on display here, I'm still uncertain if any of them truly got something out of it. Just because you act and look like some spiritual/new-wave thinker...it doesn't make you one. But they wouldn't know that."

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