woensdag 2 oktober 2013

Tribal Wives

Tribal Wives

Six British women swap their everyday lives for life as tribal wives in some of the most remote communities on earth. Like many women today juggling career, home and family, they feel that something is missing. By spending time in societies where female roles are very different, they hope to find answers that could change their lives.
Afar/Ethiopia. The Afar are one of Ethiopia’s most fiercely independent tribes, nomadic cattle and camel herders with a tough reputation, carrying guns to protect their herds from rival clans and wild animals.

Waorani/Ecuador. 46-year-old Karen Morris-Lanz stays with the Waorani, one of the world’s most isolated tribes, deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle. Once known as the savages, they have a fearsome reputation. But behind this formidable facade is a way of life unchanged for centuries.

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