zaterdag 12 oktober 2013

Ibogaine: Rite of Passage

A Revealing documentary about the most promising treatment modality for drug dependance available. It is the only substance we know, which is capable of blocking acute withdrawal in opioid addicts as well as cocaine and alcohol. Although the FDA decided in 1993 that Ibogaine showed enough signs of being an effective tool in the treatment of addiction, money is the problem; this natural occuring molecule cannot be patented and is not a maintenance drug with addictive properties; reason for the pharmaceutical industry not to invest in its development... Educate yourself about this unique tool! Our vision of saving the many lives of people with a chemical dependence is only as strong as the people who support us: Please visit and take action now!

JOE ROGAN talks about IBOGA TRIP!!! Iboga Treatment vs. DMT

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