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Toroid is the whole field of cosmic energy geometry patterns of natural axis, cells & brains, & electrical coil fields. Toroids also also explains many mysteries of meditation, gravity/anti-gravity, ESP & spiraling energy from microscopic to solar & galactic energy spheres.

The pandemic, pervasive & presence of toroids are all around & within us in Nature: DNA fields, brains, seeds, beans, cells, earth/ planetary gravity fields, volcano craters: active & passive. butts & breasts, insect bodies, fruit & veggies, Toroids have a center or axis of rotation, like earth poles. Tree are bi-fields toroids: roots & branches. Our 7 body energy centers (Chakras) have toroid-fields around them, explained later with energy channels of (Chi-nese)
natural flow inside with yin/yang polarities of 5 elements of life.

All planets & stars are toroidal spheres, held by multi-dimensional gravity-fields of webnets with nearest bodies. From Escher intuitive spiraling toroid earth, we intuit that gravity are spiral waves or gravitons, gravicles = weak magnetism of nature & microvolt DC* power-fields. (*'direct current' electricity)

Toroid (circulating donut shape) Geometry of nature energy is the constant invisible pattern of, gravity, growth & centering the omni- fields of universal micro to macro forces of fertility & creation. Nature's- toroids vortexes-of-gravity hold all structures together in seeds & web-nets, planets, stars, moon & micro-cosmos of DNA, bacteria, weak magnetism, attracted energy to invisible centers.
Our brains & wombs are the most critical toroid organ we have.

Para & dia magnetism were discovered by Philip Callahan, and bions, the microscopic `orbs of ether' found by Wilhelm Reich in 1940s. Big science ignores & denies these subtle invisible energies of Nature, while making & using vast invisible wave fields of EMR* to run industry & war weapon killing & space propulsion systems. (*electromagnetic radiation)

60 years before bions discovered, Tesla intuited the AC power coil, a man-made toroid shape, to generate electricity for cities & overland transmission. It was built in upper NY, the empire state, from designing in his NYC lab. The Tesla coil generates vast static energy, that he proudly showed to power- seekers in his super lab. He convinced them of wonders of AC* electricity, that could power many inventions of Edison, in the new age of super tech imported ENERGY technology. (AC = alternating current)

What are the current toxic toroids created & employed in our AC powered: cities, vehicles, industry & war technology? All the AC coils make fields of static & the AC powerlines make small fields magnetic fields around transmission wires. Theres mini toroids of micro/integrated circuts of computers & electronics, with subtle static currents. TV & X-rays have large static -toroid- fields around their coils that emit intense radiation. The bigger the coil & current, the bigger & more toxic the static field is creates, that hurts human hormone balancing metabolism by endrocrine glands & causes AIDS, cancer, metabolic & emotional stress & weakness.

The pandemic unnatural T-coils in cities, factories & military are in electrical-generating power- plants & transformers in every AC electrical grid system. Most people don't notice & feel the static-toroid-fields from AC power coil devices, unless they live or sleep inside those fields for years, getting sick, rarely connected the cause with effects, unless deep researching. Dr, Glenn Swartout's revealing pro-natural health book "Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions" explains toxic radiation sources & effects to avoid, whenever possible, especially when sick, needing healing. We need to be sensitive to feel the toxic frequencies around AC power systems & excess DC static fields.

In 1970s reports of local health studies found high cancer rates near the electrical transformer stations in communities. Of course power-industry denies any cause/effect correlation between their hi-tech coils & disease, they'd be responsible/liable/for if proven. Since then medical ecology has found that home coils cause stress to people living & sleeping near them: refrigeration & laundry motors, digital clocks, TV, computers, microwave ovens, etc, wear down healthy immunity.

Robert Becker MD, he explains how electricity hurts our natural internal micro DC currents that run our body nerve & organs system balancing energy metabolism. He also shares how industry has hidden, denied & battled against the truth of toxic- power- grid fields constantly hurting our healthy organic living indoors on earth,

Our heart generates a pulsing toroid field with each heartbeat, detected by ECG = Electro-cardio-gram device that measures the subtle field around a living heart. EEG - Electro -encephalo- gram measures the brainwaves, also are toroids. depending on the alpha, beta, theta & delta brain waves field strength inside/out of bodies.

There's many kinds of toxic toroid coils in microchips to mega power plants, in home, business & war. The biggest are nuclear power plants pile/cores & bombs exploding in mushroom shapes generating vast toxic invisible nuclear radiation, hidden by toxic science since 1940s. Even the small explosions of bullets, fireworks & canons are toxic toroid flashes. Big science vast projects to imitate & break- down atoms of nature, make new elements & weapons, is the worst misuse of toroid geometry on earth, like scary UFO ships!

In growing fields of Natural cosmic energy, a new branch of Fractals geometry (from Mandelbrot) has flourished, revealing organic patterns of nature, with formulas for computer program graphic illustrations & animation. The Mandelbrot-set looks like a toroid from the side. A mandala looks like a toroid from the top or bottom around a center. Another European, found ever-repeating spiraling- out patterning, apparent in plants, liquids & gases, branching in bodies & open space. The first fractal pattern found was the Golden mean - Fibonacci spiral centuries ago, still used in math, science & engineering now.

Fractal patterns are everywhere in nature: shells, flowers, seeds, plants roots, vines & branches; sperm, cells, organs, bacterial growth in micro-cosmos. M- sets' are solid toroid- like patterns of energy growth/rocks we can see in nature. They look like a seed or cell about to divide. Nature creates, in gentle chaos, the very same way we imitate in math & science simulations of Gaia geometry.

The words Horus and Torus (the spinning donut force in nature of earth's electromagnetic sphere, etc.) and Torah are closely similar....

Especially when you learn that Stan Tenen of the Meru Foundation, via his knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet and being a bonifide 'pattern recognizer'....found that the Hebrew letters in the beginning of Genesis in the Torah, actually form a Torus...

and the torus is one of the most elemental electromagnetically driven forces in the universe...

all of creation was not only encoded by... but also made manifest into shape and form...via frequencies and vibrations of light and sound....music.

"and heaven and nature sing......."

Stan Tenen/Meru Foundation website with great graphics, etc....

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