maandag 14 oktober 2013

message from pachamama - gaia - earth

that people deplete my soil 
and abuse it for personal gain 
hurts and touches me deeply
but what makes me want to quit living
is the fear they send to me
the fear i will abandon them
i need your love and hope to survive
Every thought is a vibration that goes directly into my heart
fear and negative thinking destroy my spirits
which causes my body to discharge
trembling , shaking and bursting ,make me back all "right"
i want to therefore ask 
send your love and gratitude
every day of your existence
so my body and soul can heal
and i no longer have to go through those painfull discharges
your collective power of thought will make the difference
between your and my downfall
or our very existence
i love you dear people , and thats why i hold on
but hear my ultimate cry of dispair
and understand that your positive thought can make the difference
for the survival of us all on and in my globe 
signed ; Pachamama

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