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Dolphin Tantra - Pleiadian Tantra

Dolphin Tantra



Barbara Marciniak - Earth Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library 

From Chapter 5, "Galvanization of the Goddess," pages 89-91
"When you think of Prime Creator, what or whom do you picture? In your society, you have been taught that the god energy represents the source and that the feminine energy represents the use or activity of it. We would say it is the other way around — the feminine represents the source and the masculine represents how the source is used.
Your planet must learn who the Goddess is as a creator. You must. Understanding the dark side of the Goddess is part of exploring her energy, because the Goddess did something to lose her power. It is in the cells of your being because all of you, man and woman alike, have the Goddess within you. . . .
There came a time within the Goddess realm when there was a tremendous abuse of the male vibration. Women, influenced by outside sources, lost their honoring and partnership with men, and their sense of unity between man and woman. After a while, within the realm of the Goddess, men became nothing more than a stud service. Women got so lost in the Goddess power that the men were not considered equal. Men were considered to be objects to bring about the rights of fertility. Many men were killed after one-time fertility rituals with representatives of the local Goddess. Castration and other sacrifices were performed. It is true. Women misused the sexual energy of men, creating the current backlash. This is all changing, and you will find the Goddess, with compassion, entering the lives of those willing to feel. "

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